Feedback is something I constantly think about whilst I am teaching. I often find myself asking whether I have given it quick enough and whether what I have even said it purposeful. I find these two questions most useful to ask because if I get one or both of them wrong it can make the feedback redundant. What I do know is that feedback is important and without it the children in my class will not know how to improve.

Feeding back on writing is particularly difficult and something that I have spoken with a lot of people about. Do you give feedback on everything? How do you choose which parts to feedback on? Are the children even going to look at it? If they do look at it, will they understand it? I don’t believe that the way I currently feedback to children is wrong but I think there are ways that I could make it more effective, particularly after looking at a longer piece of writing.

The best kind of feedback is as soon as possible and with younger children often verbal. However it is hard to give effective verbal feedback instantly to a number of children at the same time. I want to create an environment that enables children to see how I am marking their work as well as listen to why I am marking it in that way.

Over the past couple of years I have been using a strategy called Flipped Learning and using it has taught me about the purposeful use of video inside and outside of the classroom. Using a Flipped Learning technique called the ‘in flip’ and a fantastic learning journal called SeeSaw I have disrupted one aspect of the way I give feedback.

Children can take a photograph of their writing and upload it to their personal learning journal. As the teacher I can edit their photographs and create a video of myself annotating their work and talking through it with them. The video is then saved to the child’s learning journal. When the children come to school or if they have access to their journal at home they are able to watch me annotating their writing and listen to me explaining what I am doing. Through this strategy I aim to give good quality verbal feedback to each child.

Will it work out? I will have to let you know after asking.

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